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Serving Northern Virginia. Providing professional interior house and office painting, drywall repairs, deck cleaning, sealing and staining.

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Welcome to Painting Incorporated

by Michael Thatcher

We are the Authority when it comes to applying finishes.

Our professional painters are highly experienced and Qualified.

  • Blue room beforeBlue room after
  • Lower office before Lower Office after
  • Kitchen beforeKitchen after

  • We are not a franchise
  • We do not sub contract any portion of your project
  • When we do hire someone to join our team, it's only top-notch, experienced, qualified individuals who share our same commitment to doing things the right way
  • We are properly Licensed & Insured Northern Virginia painting contractors / power washing contractors / painters.

    We provide; Residential & Commercial; Drywall repairs, Interior Painting, House power washing, Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing, and Deck Staining.
    We can remove wallpaper, clean / seal concrete, and we clean / seal / stain decks and fences.

    • Stairwell beforeStairwell after
    • Deck before Deck after
    • Composite deck beforeComposite deck after

    Painting Contractors The Fake Painting Company

    Most "Painting Contractors" these days are either a "Painting Franchise", or a "Sub Contracting Contractor".

    Either way, the idea is to advertise a professional service at unbelievable low prices, then sub contract the work out to cheap, un-qualified labor.

    Since they know that everyone wants a great price, and they know that there is an endless line of unemployed people willing to work for nearly nothing, they rake in tons of money during the painting / deck cleaning/sealing "peak season" at everyone else's expense.
    Click link to
    are not all alike, and they are not all selling the same thing.

    Unlike much of the competition...

    We really know what we're doing.

    We are REAL painters.
    Each one of our employees has an extensive background in the painting field; knowing how to prepare surfaces correctly, and apply finishes. Taking pride in our work and doing things the right way keep our customers happy and us growing.

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    House Painters

    When you want something done, you can get anyone...


    when you want something done the right way, when it really counts, you hire a professional.

    You wouldn't want just anyone representing you in a court of law, and you wouldn't allow just anyone to perform surgery on you, and you wouldn't want just anyone to fix your automobile; you would want the person that's best QUALIFIED for the job they would be doing
    - wouldn't you?

    When it comes to painters, there are all kinds:

    Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci Sistine Chapel by Michael Angelo Water Lily by Monet Weeping Woman by Picasso

    There are painters who do creative artistic works, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, Claude Monet, and Pablo Ruiz y Picasso (among thousands).

    There are painters that strictly paint structures; like bridges, and towers.

    Some painters live out their careers in new construction painting, ship painting, or building swing and water tower work.

    • Bathroom Faux smallBathroom
                           Faux finishing large
    • Bedroom Taping for stripes Bedroom
                           Striped Faux
    • Bedroom Striped FauxFaux
                           with stripes

    ...and then there are the Interior house painters.

    House painters include wallpaper hangers, mural, and faux finish painters, and the category of house painter also includes floor refinishers, house power washers, deck cleaners and deck sealers.

    While many of the aspects of painting require a wide variety of skills, not all painters excel in all areas. Some painters actually prefer to do only wallpaper, and others would love it if they could faux finish all the time.

    Interior House painters are a different breed of painter altogether. They almost always have a long career in the trade, and start out with enough experience to know what it takes to prepare surfaces correctly, apply paints properly, and know the different tools of the trade. The best painters take great pride in their work.

    A good, professional interior house painter can come into your home or office, fix what needs to be fixed, paint what needs to be painted, and not leave a trace that they were even there

    - other than an awesome paint job.

    A painter can work around obstacles, over flooring that needs to stay clean, and they can be careful around furnishings and breakables.

    Interior house painters have a way of watching where they step, and being careful not to track paint, they are craftsmen and ninjas at the same time.

    House painters are the ones that do custom interior painting in homes, offices, and historical buildings, estates, hospitals, and institutions.

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    Commercial Painting

    Our commercial painting contractors services include;

    Offices, apartments, rental property, condominums, building stairwells, stores, shops, banks, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and churches.

    We are proud to have done commercial work for:

    H & R BLOCK
    Mattress Discounters
    Fairfax Hospital
    Flint Hill Elementary
    Quince Orchard Elementary
    Holy Cross Hospital
    Hyatt Regency

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    Residential painting

    Our Residential painting contractors services include; Interior house painting, and exterior house painting.We do simple carpentry, shelving installation, wallpaper removal, drywall repairs, caulking, water damaged drywall repair / removal, mold remidation / removal, floor refinishing, and new drywall installations.

    We offer some basic handyman skills such as installing ceiling fans, running speaker wire, installing a swtich or outlet somewhere, and hanging a new light fixture.

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    Our Residential power washing services

    Include; house siding, composite decks, lumber decks, fences, concrete, brick, patios, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, pool decks, and pools.

    Our Commercial power washing services

    Include; parking garages, lots, gas stations, store fronts, walkways, park pressure treated walkways, sidewalks, community associations, apartments, and condominiums.

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    House Power Washing

    Painting contractors have always used a power washer to clean houses prior to painting. Our house power washing services include vinyl siding, aluminum siding, cedar siding, gutters, downspouts, steps, stairs, walkways, and sidewalks.

    We use ladders to get up high, and properly clean with no chemicals of any kind.

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    Drywall repairs

    Our Drywall repairs include a wide range of services based on your individual needs.
    We can fix holes, cracks, seams, nail pops, punch holes, water damage, or mold restoration. We can replace sections of drywall, re-taping, entire wall floating, plaster repair, screen patches, and blow outs.
    Visit our Drywall page here: Expert Drywall Repairs

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    Water Damaged Drywall Repairs

    Water damaged drywall repair
    Plumbing leak to the Foyer, water damaged drywall
    showed signs of mold, so we removed the entire section...

    Mold, mildew, water stains, water marks, water rings, peeling paint, bubbles, sagging drywall, water ruined...etc.

    Water damaged drywall occurs under many circumstances; heavy rainstorms, leaky toilet, bathtub overflow, or flooded basement, we are experts at assessing your situation and getting your water damaged drywall fixed the right way.

    Visit our Water Damaged Repairs page here: Water Damaged Drywall

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    Mold Remediation

    Drywall that has water damage may be a nursery for mold, and while we do eat and breath certain molds all the time, some molds are considered to be highly toxic.
    We know how to handle drywall with mold.

    Visit our page on Mold Remidiation

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    Interior Painting

    Interior Painting
    Benjamin Moore Royal Blue

    When it comes to choosing which painting contractors is right for your job, consider hiring a real company - not a franchise!

    We cover furniture, and floors. We prepare surfaces correctly, and apply paints professionally.

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    Exterior Painting

    Inspection for rotten lumber, repairs or replacements of bad lumber, caulking of cracks, priming of raw lumber, removal of loose paint, sanding to feather edges, applying Quality exterior paints.

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    Hardwood floor refinishing

    Our hardwood floor refinishing services include;

    Removal of carpets, padding, quarter rounds, tacks and nails;

    Thorough sanding of hardwood floors to remove old finishes and stains, and lightweight sanding to remove scuffs and bring it all to a smooth finish.

    Your flooring will look like brand new lumber.

    We then apply your new stain color, followed by two coats of clear finish to create beautiful brand new hardwood flooring.

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    Wallpaper Removal

    Wallpaper removal can be difficult, but we have the solution.

    Years of experience in removing wallpaper has tought us a trick or two.

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    Deck Refinishing

    Our deck refinishing services include complete sanding of deck floors, spindles, rails, posts, and skirts, to remove old finishes and stains.

    In most cases, your lumber will look brand new!

    We then apply a new sealer / stain to give you a brand new deck!

    When it comest to preparation of surfaces, Painting Incorporated painting contractors has the skills and experience to deliver your vision.

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    Deck cleaning

    Our deck cleaning services include;

    A thorough power washing, which removes all dirt, grime, mold, algae, graying effects, and prepares your deck for the new finish.

    Chemicals and detergents are not used unless discussed and documented on our agreement.

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    Deck sealing / staining

    We are the deck sealing and staining experts. There is the right way, and the wrong way.
    Visit our Deck Sealing and Staining page here: Deck Sealing and Staining

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    Fence Sealing / Staining

    Fence Sealing using CABOT'S
    CABOT'S Cedar Tone

    Throughout our web site, we use the words "Deck cleaning" and "Deck Sealing" alot, but the word "deck" could easily be replaced by the word "fence". Yes, we clean and seal fences.

    The cleaning process of a fence only involves pressurized water from a power washer. No chemicals of any kind are used.

    Sealing a fence or staining a fence is usually done by spray machine and brush, although sometimes a brush only is used. Of course, when we spray the material on, it is always back brushed into the lumber pores.

    Same as sealing a deck, there is the right way, and there is the wrong way.

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    We are house painters, but lumber replacements is part of the job.

    We can change out an exterior door frame that is rotted, window sills, rotten boards, exterior shadow box trim, and anything that includes your basic carpentry skills.

    Our painting contractors services are availalbe thoughout most of Northern Virginia including; Aldie, Alexandria, Annandale, Ashburn, Bristow, Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Clifton, Dumfries, Fairfax, Fairfax County, Fairfax Station, Gainesville, Great Falls, Haymarket, Herndon, Lorton, Loudoun County, Manassas, McLean, Mount Vernon, Nokesville Oakton, Prince William County, Reston, South Riding, Springfield, Vienna, and Woodbridge name a few.

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