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Welcome to McLean, VA, Interior Painting!

PAINTING INC provides house painting in McLean, VA. We are Interior Painting professionals in McLean, VA!

Our services in McLean, VA, include; Drywall repair and new installations, house painting, Interior painting, exterior painting, house power washing, deck cleaning, sealing and staining.
Our employees are not your run of the mill "painters". Oh sure, we do other things as well (as you can see in our "Services" section), but we specialize in house painting like no other, and when it comes to interior painting of homes and offices in McLean, VA, there is no comparison.

Tell us your vision - and we will make it so. Our work is priced based on the job scope, not by the square foot or the kind of car in your driveway.
Our Quality house painting program sets our company apart from the competition because we are interior painting specialists.

It takes a special kind of person to work in someones home or office. We keep everything clean, furnature is covered in new plastics, floors are covered with drop cloths, each step we take is deliberate and purposeful. Quality house painting requires our painters to be extremely conscious about where they step, and inspecting a little closer doing their drywall repairs do to the different types of lighting one might encounter in enclosed spaces.

Our house painting professionals are "painting ninjas", and we have our select crew for house painting. Each interior painting project begins with thorough drywall repairs, and sometimes we even have to break out the high intensity lighting. We find things on your walls and ceilings that you never knew were there, we fix em, sand em, and spot prime em, cracks are caulked and allowed to dry.

Many people think that preparation prior to painting; including drywall repair, is expensive. Quite often, people ask that we do only specific drywall repairs that they point out to us. They do this thinking that it saves them money, and although a few pennies might actually be saved, they could have gone ahead and paid that little extra and be looking at an awesome Interior painting job as apposed to simply a "paint job". Preparation is the key to a beautiful interior painting project my friends. Preparation is where you don't want to skimp on cost.

Although a truly awsome interior painting project includes quality paints (and it helps if the person applying them is Qualified too), drywall repair is what makes the difference, it is the real job when it comes down to a perfect house painting project, and paint is just the icing on the cake.

Drywall repair is different for each house painting project and office interior painting we do, and for good reason.
Not everyone wants to spend money to make the walls look good, some people only want a fresh coat of paint. Many apartment communities that hire contractors to do the interior painting expect a cheap paint because they know that they will be re-painting the apartment soon, and there's little drywall repair to do. Apartment painting costs less due to the lack of furnature, cheap paints being used, and little drywall repairs. The expectations are low.

On the other hand, someone with lots of furnature, lots of drywall repair, and wants to use quality paints, will pay much more. The expectations are higher - "You get what you pay for".
The amount of time spent on your preparation and drywall repair depends on a few factors.
1.)   how bad the surfaces are
2.)   how much time the customer wants to invest in drywall repairs,
3.)   and the amount time spent to deliver the customer's final vision.
It doesn't take long for a house painting professional to do the drywall repairs before painting, because without it, you walls only have a fresh coat (or two of paint) - and they're still ugly!

We are skilled at finding all the irregularities and can fix all drywall repairs to make surfaces just like new - but we need to know this in advance. Our house painting professionals take the time to do things right the first time!
So now you know - Preparation is the key to a successful interior painting job, and our painters have the skills to make your walls look beautiful! At PAINTING INC, our interior painting professionals are highly experienced and have earned the title of "painter".
If you need some house painting; inside or out, and you're looking for quality Interior Painting, don’t call that sub contracting college franchise - they're not painters anyway - they're marketing businessmen...and they are going to sub contract your work. Don’t get the guys that advertise “we do it all”. A jack of all trades is a master of none.

For your interior painting needs, invest in your home, get real painters, call PAINTING INC – we wrote the book on interior painting! Lets make your house painting experience a good one!

Hey McLean, VA - Did you know?
Interior Painting is a way of coloring, sprucing up, and decorating; our living, sleeping, recreational, and working areas all over McLean, VA.
Both Interior painting and the term "house painting" have come along way over time.

Scientific studies have shown that interior painting with color can set a mood; increase productivity, make you anxious, make you happy, keep you relaxed, make you bored, make you feel romantic, make you nervous, or daring, or go insane.  
Interior Painting / house painting can be traced back to our ancestors who lived in caves thousands of years ago. These first painters used a mix of ash and bugs, and what ever liquid was around, even blood. Milk has always been an additive to make paints, and so has naturally occuring colorants found in nature, such as shells, berries, plants and clays. Interior painting back then, for these painters, probably smelled as bad as it looked.
The ancient Chinese were the first painters to record the color combinations and introduce the first painting pigment powders. Their homes had rice paper walls and interior painting for these painters were decorations of nature painted on them; bamboo, flowers, and animals.

In the United States, the Pilgrims mainly used only the color white for their Interior painting because colorants were costly, making house painting mostly for the well to do, and it was also considered brash to color your walls. House painting with a white-wash made of chalk and lime mixed with anything liquid they had. These painters used goat, cow’s milk, eggs or water to make the paints for their interior painting needs.
Linseed oil was discovered as a good medium for house painting, and soon thereafter, it became very popular with painters to mix it with their paints because it helped the paints to dry hard, and hold it all together.
Sherwin Williams was the very first to mass produce paints for interior painting during the industrial revolution, and interior painting contractors were born. House painting became a competitive business and still is today.
50 - 100 years ago, If someone was considered a “painter”, and qualified as an interior painting professional, he had the highest respect because owning that title meant he mastered mixing paints to match colors, wall plastering (and in the past century, drywall repair), and all the preparation and application methods for house painting of his time.

House painting “back in the day” was all done by brush – there were no painters with roller or sprayer yet, and when the roller finally did come out, many painters from that era continued using their large hand brush to do walls.
Today, we have many types of paints and methods of applying paints for your Interior Painting needs. Preparation has evolved to cater to gypsum board (drywall repair), but we still have plaster experts who can work it.
Call PAINTING INC Today for your interior painting needs and drywall repairs! "We wrote the book...all of em."


Our painting contractors services are availalbe thoughout most of Northern Virginia including; Aldie, Alexandria, Annandale, Ashburn, Bristow, Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Clifton, Dumfries, Fairfax, Fairfax County, Fairfax Station, Gainesville, Great Falls, Haymarket, Herndon, Lorton, Loudoun County, Manassas, McLean, Mount Vernon, Nokesville Oakton, Prince William County, Reston, South Riding, Springfield, Vienna, and Woodbridge name a few.

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